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The Academy of Foot Tapping Reflexology is a training organization to help you become an incredible reflexologist with the tools and skills to help you, help others, in mind, body and spirit.

This past twelve months has been something none of us have ever experienced before. As reflexologists you have been unable to work for most of the time. As Covid infection levels decline and more people are vaccinated, the end of this dreadful pandemic is looking nearer. You are at last being allowed to treat clients. The demand for you services could be greater than ever before.
How are you going to help your clients recover from the trauma of this past year?
Your reflexology treatments will relax and rebalance their physical body, but how do you help their mental health and improve their emotional wellbeing?
Their situation could have changed completely since the pandemic started.
They could have lost a loved one and so they will have bereavement issues.
They could have lost their job or source of income and the future is looking uncertain.
They could be frightened of the future and worried about returning to some kind of normality, or worried about friends and family.
How do YOU feel about returning to work – nervous, scared, not sure if it’s the right thing to do?
Every person will have their own personal set of problems, emotions and traumas.
What is needed is to have the negative emotions removed and replaced with new, positive ones. This is possible with “Foot Tapping Reflexology (FTR)” and can be done during a normal reflexology treatment.

The Academy of FTR has put together a special one day course to help reflexologists to achieve this. It will be held at The Sanctuary of Healing in Lancashire following Covid safe guidelines.
To register an interest in this special course please visit:- and email.
See our training page for more information

Clinical Reflexology is so much more than a foot massage, it is a healing technique and an art form that “creates wellness”.
Reflexology is a complimentary healing system that uses hand applied pressure to the feet. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that are a reflection of the body systems. By applying the correct type of pressure to these points body systems may be stimulated or relaxed as appropriate so that changes may occur in the body.
Foot Tapping Reflexology is an incredible development, helping the mental, physical and energy bodies.
FTR incorporates the theories of other energy therapies such as EFT (emotional freedom technique) and utilizes deep vibration in combination with reflexology. It works at a deeper level and can be used to clear the emotional issue that can lead to physical ailments without having to discuss or disclose the emotional issues. Positivity replaces negativity.
Foot Tapping Reflexology developed by Peter Tomlinson and Jean Allenby
Reflexology courses available in Lancashire and beyond.

Reflexology has been used for thousands of years and is an acceptable form of treatment for many ailments and can also be used alongside modern medicine. Reflexology can be traced back to 4000 B.C. in China, Egypt and North American Indian tribes. The oldest evidence of reflexology is in the tomb of the physician of Ankmahor in Saqqara, Egypt, carvings show foot massage treatments taking place, with the inscription “do not let it be painful”.

These treatments are non-invasive and require no drugs. They are holistic in that they treat the whole body and mind. Often a pain may be felt in one area of the body, but its source or trigger can be elsewhere. By treating the whole body, blockages can be released leading to a smoother functioning body .
Reflexology may be helpful in the following areas:
•Stress related conditions
•Muscular and joint pain
•Sport injuries, maintaining peak fitness
•Breathing disorders
•Digestive disorders
•Hormonal imbalances
•Fertility issues
•Emotional Issues, postnatal depression, PTSD, anxiety

Reflexology is NOT an alternative to "orthodox" medicine, but "complementary" to it.
People of any age can derive positive benefits from it. There are few limitations. Some medical conditions may require the co-operation of the general practitioner.

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