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The Academy of Foot Tapping Reflexology is THE place to learn reflexology with an emphasis on the holistic approach to health and wellbeing.
FTR for Reflexology Workshop (previously FTR1)
You will learn the tapping techniques and their application to your reflexology treatment, how they unblock quicker and with more depth and a look at emotional tapping to eliminate a client’s emotional pain.
In this workshop we will look at the emotional aspects of FTR in depth and examine the link between our emotions and energy, and how we can solve most emotional problems by changing our energy body. You will learn what the energy body is and why we can have such an effect with FTR, how to recharge your clients with positive energy and give them the “ZING FACTOR!” This is not only good for your clients, but also your business as they will recommend you to many more people. You will learn the revolutionary new “Meridian Cleansing Technique”.
This very gentle technique is especially good for people who are very sick or worn out by illness, depression or fatigue.
You will be taught self- help techniques for looking after your own energy body.
As therapists we spend all our time looking after other people and rarely look after ourselves the way we should. To give our clients the “Zing Facrtor”, we must first have it ourselves. You will learn ways to approach FTR with clients.

Therapists undergoing the full FTR training (FTR1 & FTR2) and passing the assessment can then be registered as a FTR™ practitioner and use the letters "AFTR".

ADVANCED TECHNIQUES FOR REFLEXOLOGY (Please note that this is NOT a FTR training course.)
On this workshop you will learn reflexology techniques that give a deeper treatment and help care for our hands.

New course commencing summer 2021. We are taking names for those interested and a new date will be arranged. The course will take place alternate Sundays at The Sanctuary of Healing, Langho, Lancashire. If you would prefer mid week this could be arranged.

The Academy offers training with a “hands on” teaching approach that guides and nurtures you to develop the skills, knowledge, understanding and empathy to become an excellent reflexologist.
Tutor led experts in anatomy and physiology lead you on a journey through the bodies systems, how they function and what happens when the systems go wrong. Experienced reflexologists help you gain confidence and skills in “feeling” the physical and energy body through the feet so you can understand the causes as well as symptoms of disease and help the body and mind to function efficiently and encourage the body into a healing state and the mind into a positive place.
FOOT TAPPING REFLEXOLGY is such dramatic advancement in holistic reflexology treatments and therefore should form the foundation for all future reflexology training. PT 2018

The Academy’s team of educators provide Level 5 standard training course. We are passionate about both reflexology and quality of training offering a high level of comprehensive instruction in the skills and techniques required for effective reflexology offered in a professional manner.
This unique course is made up of a suite of modules :- advanced techniques for reflexologist, reflexology for fertility, palliative care, tapping, emotional tapping, treating children along with core units, including anatomy & physiology, pathologies, history, and business skills.
Reflexology which was developed in the 1930s by Eunice Ingrams and after many years of clinical practice and teaching, AFTR have developed and refined methods and training courses to help you achieve a more holistic, precise and effective treatment for your clients. We have developed a technique for you to use, that helps protect you and your hands, your ”tools” of work. Tapping techniques developed by Peter Tomlinson along with your gifts and passion for caring and helping, aim at producing confident professional and highly skilled reflexologists. Once graduated from Professional Reflexology Organisation, AFTR students also gain membership and registration to AFTR having the ability to go on and practice in both the private and public sectors.
The course is suitable for all, regardless of educational background, qualifications, medical experience, age over 19 or nationality (a good knowledge of English spoken and written is required) Often students are looking for a change in career, and to develop themselves.

We have had over 15 years’ experience in teaching reflexologists so we can help make your learning and personal development be rewarding, fun, interesting and inspiring.

The course takes place alternate Sundays 9-5 for 12 sessions. This allows you to study and develop around a busy life.
You will be offering treatments from week 2 to family and friends. The weekly case studies are an integral part of your course. You will also need several hours study time weekly to complete client records, revise each session, develop and submit portfolio weekly.
Subjects of study are presented in a method comfortable to you, such as written, audio or video presentations, continuous assessment. the course concludes with a final exam and a treatment on an external verifier.
The cost of course is £1600. A deposit of £270 is required. £266 is then payable every month. Students are required to have student insurance through Balens insurance around £30. Prior to commencement of course Jayne will come to meet you and chat about the course whilst giving you a treatment so you can truly understand how it feels to receive and benefit from amazing treatments.
You will require access to computer and internet, a therapy chair, stool, towels/small fleece, blanket/fleece, aqueous cream in dispenser, wipes, foot spray. Chairs and stools are not required before commencement of course but within a few weeks, these are discussed in week 1.

Jayne Gray Cert ED MAFTR MPR has over 35 years teaching experience and is passionate about helping people, this includes both students and clients. If you are uncomfortable with your learning skills but have a gift for helping others, Jayne will find a way to help you learn reflexology. She is a working reflexologist trained partially by Peter Tomlinson. She helped develop and expand FTR and co-founder of the academy.
Peter Tomlinson 25 years’ experience as a reflexologist and EFT practitioner. Peter has a wealth of experience and knowledge, and brings a practical male attitude to teaching which is both grounding and inspirational. Peter developed Foot Tapping Reflexology, assisted by Jean Allenby and Jayne Gray.
Rachel Shovelton RGN Rachel is a nurse with many years of experience in palliative care, and is passionate about end of life care and education.
Other invited experts

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST:- please email to [email protected]
Name, DOB, Address, Telephone, Occupation, Highest level of education, English language qualification, Reason for interest in reflexology training, Sundays unavailable for training

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